Fjallraven Kanken Backpack – Walks Like a Man


Backpack is a basic tool of our outdoor survival. It has been used since ancient times for multiple functions, both for transportation and for shelter. The invention of Fjallraven backpack in soft-wearing Vinylon material with a Velcro opening the whole back compartment made it an instant favorite. Removable padded seat, small front pockets, simple buckle and handle structure on top make it easy to carry.


Made by the leading manufacturers of backpacks – Fjallraven and others, the FjallravenKanken backpack is ideal for both hiking and everyday use. From casual to professional backpacker, every body type can find his favorite Fjallraven Kanken backpack. The backpack features a seat pad for added comfort and ease. The backpack is designed with two shoulder straps for better carrying stability. Removable plastic or textile seat pads, an interior mesh pocket for storage, and a comfortable padded backrest give it the right to comfort, no matter how rigorous outdoor activities.


The large interior front pockets allow you to store more necessities for your travel. The FjallravenKanken backpack has adjustable shoulder straps, a removable water bottle holder, and a snap hook and loop closures for safe storage. It is spacious enough to hold all the required items for an enjoyable outdoor trip. The large interior front pockets also allow you to store smaller accessories like cell phones, sunscreen, and any other essential item that you might need.


The sturdy leather upper part of the kanken classic backpack is also suitable for high-impact activities. The upper part is equipped with some rip stop nylon strapping and adjustable shoulder straps, so it will provide a perfect fit on your shoulder. Leather upper parts are also resistant to tear and mildew. In fact, you can leave the leather part until the very last moment if you don’t want the backpack to smell like a dog.


If you want to walk for miles and hours and feel the exertions in your legs, you can rely on the FjallravenKanken backpack. As the name implies, the backpack includes an adjustable shoulder strap that makes it more comfortable to carry even by the most inactive of users. The seat pad that comes with the FjallravenKanken backpack makes walking cushioned.


If you think the FjallravenKanken backpack is heavy, you are mistaken. Actually, this backpack is made of the finest quality materials, so you do not have to worry about the weight at all. It can be used by both children and adults. And since it is made of the finest materials, you can also use it for hiking and other adventurous outdoor activities. And if you prefer, you can put some delicious flavored honey or jalapeno.