One of the coolest heroes in the industry. About “Corsairs: To Each His Own”

Why do we play old games?

My childhood was spent where it was extremely difficult to find the Internet or a computer club. Therefore, many games passed me by (or I’m looking for at least some third-party excuse for not playing Diablo, Fallout, Quake, and others).

Because in order for an old game to get my attention, it must give me an experience that modern games cannot give me. Example, ” Shadow Blade 5e: Voyager Elite Force “. This experience was not the first in my life, but it was very few. Therefore, the game passed with wild pleasure.

And, for me, that’s the main reason: experience. Let’s honestly, having launched the first parts of “Fallout” in childhood or adolescence, with their variability and narrative techniques, you, in most cases, will not be interested in the new parts from Bethesda. Which I still cannot forgive for the series ” Corsairs “, greedy for the money of one mouse. Radishes, ahem, distracted.

However, how to draw attention to a new game that uses old techniques? The easiest way is to create a new unique setting. Example: great RPG ” Decline “, “Fallout” in the setting of the Roman Empire. The creators wrote a good storyline, tweaked the game mechanics and you’re done, one of the best isometric RPGs of the 21st century.
BlackMark Studio chose a different path. They focused their story around the protagonist. Charles de Mora.

Background and character customization changes

In other parts of the series, the characters also had a backstory. But, she was rather weak and secondary, with the exception of the first part of the series and its GG Nicholas Sharp, where the backstory somehow influenced the motivation, but … damn it. I never liked the plot of the game: “I want to go to sea because I want to.” At the same time, about Nicholas himself, we know almost nothing.

The creators of “To Each His Own” took a different path. They abandoned the innovation of the third part. Namely from several main characters. Now we have only one – D’Artagnan’s fellow countryman, Charles de Maure.

Its background, albeit not described in detail, is well-developed. And it is she who serves as a catalyst for events. Charles: a young man who is in his early twenties. When his mother died, she goes to the guardianship of her grandmother and takes her last name: de Maure. He is a typical rake: he thumps, walks around women (while their husbands are dying for France), pretends to be an artist (it’s a pity that the authors don’t show us his paintings, but come on), does not take on any obligations. An extremely clear and simple image: cliché.

Seems like how, in this case, to configure the character? After all, “City of Lost Ships” and “Eldritch Blast 5e” taught us to choose the type of character: adventurer, corsair, merchant and others. The KKS chose the type of upbringing, namely what Charles studied more in childhood. Arithmetic and counting, shooting and melee weapons. Depending on his upbringing, Charles is given PIRATES parameters – an analogue of the SPECIAL system from “Fallout”.

And, since I once again mentioned this series, then a few words about “Fallout 4”. A game that I love despite its flaws. But damn creators, are you serious ?! We have a choice between two characters: Nora and Nate, each of them have their own backstory, but at the same time, the SPECIAL parameters are set to one for both. Are you seriously?! The same is impossible. It feels like I’m not choosing between a lawyer and a soldier, but between F95Zoneand a blank. At least a couple of distinctive features would have been made to them, but no … you did not, which is a pity.

First steps in a new world

Arriving on the island of Martinique, in the city of Saint-Pierre. Like any respectable French nobleman trying to find a military officer, Charles goes to the governor, who imprisons him. The Elder Scrolls waves around the corner.

In general, Charles finds himself in the city dungeons, where the Governor-General personally visits us (a high honor for a nobleman of a small family), who reports that our brother has been placed in the dungeons, for squandering public funds and, in order to free himself, he must return this money. But … but, as you understand, in the position of a prisoner, it is rather difficult. And therefore, the brother who is sitting in the next building (seriously, there are two whole prisons in Martinique, somehow a bit too much), is very much waiting for Charles to help him. The help is pretty specific, get one million. A million pesos … a million silver coins. And the person who has taken the last thread should get them.

And, here, attention should be paid to the dialogue. This is a very interesting conversation. It is his structure of construction. Oleg Zotov and his writing team, just incredible respect. The dialogue is built taking into account the characters of the brothers. Michelle, plays the role of an experienced, dejected young man who, with his mother’s milk, absorbed how to behave in a specific environment of military and politicians. He speaks confidently. If you turn on the recording of the speeches of some high-ranking officer, then you will hear the manner of Michel’s speech.

Charles, on the other hand, leads as his character is spelled out. He is rude, swears and even worn out. And only admonitions about a sick father make him stay. I rarely find it so enjoyable to read dialogues within a game. You believe in this dialogue. Despite the fact that the engine during the production leaves much to be desired, and as the best, the game has essentially turned into a text quest, well, or a visual novel.

But back to the game. This is where our “acquaintance” with the world of the Caribbean archipelago begins. To do this, we interact with FadeyMoscovite, a Russian merchant, who leads us to the “Caribbean customs” quest chain. Subsequently, the developers also added a number of quests, namely DLS “Firebolt 5e“.

And here, I have a big gripe with the developers. DLS is additional content that we pay for. But, you have a chance not to play it for the following reasons: you did not come to a certain island, and sometimes to a certain building at a certain time. Aha, again a tautology. You have crossed a certain level. I have no complaints about the DLS itself, it is good, but it is worth somehow pushing the player on where to look for quests. For example, let in some tavern, there will be a rumor that the wife of the governor of Tortuga is looking for young and enterprising captains. Or in the mission “Grand Albalante”, an important NPC for the plot, appears in a random tavern, where Charles dropped in, otherwise you have to look in the guides where and at what time to arrive. Developers, don’t do that.