5 Best Water Sports Activities in Crystal River

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The crystal River as well as Florida’s Citrus County are identified by water like several other areas on the planet. Set on the shores of the Gulf of Mexico and famous for its sparking bluish organic springs, it’s a spectacular world of a chain, manatee-filled bays, and spring-fed rivers of lakes you will never forget. If you’re one of those who really like water sports, the Region of the Crystal River will provide you with an endless and wide list of places to practise surfing, kite surfing, windsurfing, sailing and diving. Autumn and winter are likewise a very good season because of the very good weather we have. In this post, we are going to tell you several of the most emblematic and wonderful spots in the Crystal River to appreciate the water sports.


Nowhere else are you going to discover additional manatees than right here within the Crystal River, Homosassa, together with the waters of Florida’s Citrus County. Every winter season between 500 and thousand manatees are pulled right here by 3. Very first magnitude spring systems, each one with regular heat of 72 to 74 F (23 C). It’s probably the most essential natural warm water refuge for manatees down the Gulf Coast of Florida. Even during the warm summer days, a maximum of a hundred manatees remains here all season. It is also one of just a couple of spots in the world where you are able to have an in-water expertise of swimming with manatees within your own natural environment. It is a privilege and duty we take seriously as well as our in-water guides are qualified to help make sure we and you deal with this beloved threatened species together with the utmost respect and care. All swimmers on manatee trips study their “Manatee Manners” before actually getting in the bath.


Call it an Easter Egg Hunt: Florida style. Every summertime, the star in the sea is the delectable Bay Scallop, present in the comfortable, shallow waters of the Gulf of Mexico. It is a fun family-friendly underwater adventure; you just need a mask, flippers, snorkel, and one outstanding charter captain. Do not care about dinner either. Once you are back, you can actually bring the catch of yours to a nearby restaurant that is going to cook it for you. It is a venerable community tradition along with a Florida household favorite.


You have come to Florida’s paddling paradise. It is all that’s still wild in Florida, a labyrinthine society of 7 rivers, open bays, crystal-clear springs, and freshwater lakes that go on forever. From the Chassahowitzka River as well as the mangrove destinations on the Saint Martin’s Marsh Aquatic Preserve on the wide-open waters on the Tsala Apopka Lakes traced by the amazing withlacoochee River. Wherever you go, a paddleboard, a kayak, or maybe a canoe is always prepared for remarkable experiences and launch awaits.


Florida is a leading global scuba diving destination, and we are at the top of the list. From deep springs welling through the Great Florida Aquifer to the open waters of the Gulf of Mexico, there’s an incredible underwater world to explore here. The guides of ours and dive shops are the very best in Florida. Whether you are a novice eager for an amazing experience or maybe seeking certification for water that is open or even a master diver, you have arrived at the appropriate spot.


A number of paperwork’s on boating: This part of Florida is often called the Springs Coast since it has among a couple of areas of the state where springs are accessible coming from the Gulf of Mexico. It is the reason why Kings Bay, the Chassahowitzka, and Homosassa Rivers are the Manatee Capital of the planet. Manatees use these springs for winter refuges if the Gulf of Mexico gets cool in many manatees and winter lingers in these waters through the summer. Give consideration to all No Wake idle speed zones.

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