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Belladonna’s Magic Hand

Belladonna is one of porn’s kinkiest and most popular starlets, and now you can not only watch her in your home, but you can use Doc Johnson’s replica of her hand and forearm at the same time. Belladonna’s Magic Hand is designed to make you feel like Belladonna herself is touching you wherever you want and need to be touched.

Belladonna’s Magic Hand has been moulded directly from the star herself, so the dimensions and detail are as true to life as possible. There are creases on the fingers and knuckles, and the shape of the hand is extremely naturally shaped. Belladonna’s Magic Hand will absolutely feel like magic when you experience how it feels inside your body.

Doc Johnson made Belladonna’s Magic Hand in the United States. It’s made from their high quality phthalate free, body safe materials, including their antibacterial Sil-A-Fil formula. It’s firm, with little flexibility, but the outer materials have a soft feel which makes it comfortable and adds to how real this dildo feels.

Belladonna’s Magic Hand is eleven inches long, with around nine inches of insertable length. The fingers are graduated which makes insertion easier, and they are two and a half inches wide. The minimum width of Belladonna’s Magic Hand is two inches. It has a maximum circumference of eight inches, and a minimum circumference of six and a quarter inches. The size, materials and lifelike representations mean that every thrust, movement, twist and turn of Belladonna’s Magic Hand inside your body will bring you new sensations of pure pleasure.

Visibility park can be used for vaginal or anal pleasure, and you can pleasure yourself alone, or you enjoy new sensation with, or on, your partner. You can use Belladonna’s Magic Hand in almost every position you can imagine. And anywhere you want. It’s waterproof so you can use it in your bath or shower, without damaging the toy. Belladonna’s Magic Hand has been designed for both sexes, and will bring men and women to some of the most intense, toe curling orgasms you have ever had in your entire life.

When you’re preparing your body for the immense pleasure that Belladonna’s Magic Hand will bring you, you should make sure that you are relaxed, and that you use lots of toy safe personal lubricant. We have a range of suitable lubes that you can use to gently ease Belladonna’s Magic Hand into your body. When you’re finished using Belladonna’s magic Hand, make sure that you clean it with a cleaning solution designed for sex toys.

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