Benefits of Buying New And Durable Neoprobe GDS Medical Devices

Jan 17, 2020 Others

An important thing to consider when deciding to buy medical equipment is insurance claims. Usually, it can be much easier for healthcare professionals to file insurance claims when using durable medical equipment running on the latest Soma technology.


A sustainable medical device Neoprobe GDS promises its users better health care thanks to innovative technology. What the majority of hospitals and clinics tend to ask themselves when considering buying a medical device is whether to buy used or new medical equipment. The answer to this seemingly simple study is complicated, as there are many factors to consider before making a decision. Here are some of the most important factors to consider when purchasing medical devices:


The very first and most important factor that can influence the decision to buy durable Neoprobe GDS medical equipment is the cost. There are some important considerations to take into account when it comes to equipment costs that go beyond the individual cost of the medical device. Therefore, if we keep the cost factor constant, we can now weigh the benefits of purchasing new and durable medical equipment against those used.


New and durable Neoprobe GDS medical devices generally come with the so-called OEM which guarantees the original equipment manufacturer’s warranty. The OEM is a promise to compensate the manufacturer for any damage or defect under normal conditions of use. The OEM warranty generally covers the software of the device as well as the hardware components and therefore a good assurance of total peace of mind. Used or refurbished medical equipment is generally provided with a limited warranty offered by dealers. In most cases, this warranty does not cover all hardware and software damage. Although an extended warranty is an available option, it would also translate into an additional cost.

In addition, the new durable medical installation generally has the additional advantage of excellent after-sales service where all technical questions are handled directly by the original manufacturer of the device or in collaboration with the equipment distributor. The manufacturer’s technical staff have the appropriate expertise and training to provide good support and advice. On the other side of the coin, users of used medical devices may need to contact the product reseller who may not have the important technical skills and expertise to troubleshoot the product.


Another concern is the availability of accessories and spare parts for medical facilities. These supplies are more readily purchased for new medical devices throughout their estimated lifespan. An extended network of authorized repair centers and dealers is also an added advantage. Parts and accessories of used or refurbished medical devices may be difficult to dispose of when gradually removed. This could possibly make the device unfit for use.

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