Best wine serving restaurants in Adelaide

Nov 15, 2021 Others

In Adelaide, there are so many restaurants with excellent views and delicious food that they sometimes overshadow the importance of wine. Many of these restaurants must have a good wine list, but some may offer an outstanding service, decor, or menu that makes them stand out among other places to enjoy wine. Here are the best Adelaide Wine Serving Restaurants:

  1. Luku Ulu – A restaurant that offers an excellent view of the city and fresh seafood dishes from the Adelaide Hills, from a menu that changes with the seasons.
  2. Restaurant Amuse – A restaurant that was born out of the excitement surrounding rare wines, exceptional service, and tasty food.
  3. Eight / Carrington – A restaurant with dishes inspired by Italy’s best produce, wines from all over the world, and an atmosphere that is sophisticated yet relaxed.
  4. Gauthier Soho – This restaurant is decorated to the highest standard and offers French cuisine which is paired with an excellent wine list.
  5. Pizzini Wines – This restaurant has a selection of 200 wines from the Pizzini winery in McLaren Vale, as well as dishes that can be matched with these wines perfectly.
  6. Red Ochre – This restaurant uses foods from the land and sea of South Australia to create dishes that are bursting with flavor, paired with wines that are exceptional.
  7. Dine by Peter Goers – This restaurant was created in collaboration with wine writer Peter Goers, who also wrote a book about South Australian wines called “Grape Expectations”.
  8. Rockpool Bar & Grill – The wine list is an essential part of this restaurant’s fine dining experience, with many wines having been carefully selected by Neil Perry.
  9. Le Bouchon – This French restaurant offers a number of classic dishes paired with great wines in an authentic Parisian atmosphere.
  10. The Brasserie – This restaurant serves simple yet sophisticated French cuisine with only the best South Australian wines.
  11. Kong Kong Dining – This Asian fusion restaurant has a talented chef who is able to use inspiration from all over the world to create one-of-a-kind masterpieces.
  12. Chefs Gallery Restaurant & Wine Bar – This restaurant has a wide range of seafood, meats, and other items on its menu, allowing customers to pair the food with wines from their extensive list.
  13. Andrew’s Amble Through The French Quarter – A restaurant that takes diners on a culinary adventure through France with an unforgettable range of wines from all over the world.
  14. The Storeroom – This restaurant is known for having a menu that changes every week, but always offers diners a great experience in a relaxed atmosphere.
  15. Vintafél – A wine lounge where customers can enjoy premium wines from the best South Australian and Spanish producers.
  16. Pier 24 Seafood & Wine Bar – A seafood restaurant that features a top-quality wine list from all over the world, as well as a selection of wines from its own vineyard.
  17. Restaurant Assiette – This contemporary French restaurant uses local South Australian produce to create innovative dishes, paired with great wines.
  18. Spuntino 422 – This restaurant focuses on Mediterranean and Italian cuisine and has a wine list with over 100 bottles to choose from.
  19. Feast of Merit – This restaurant offers modern Australian food, as well as European flavor influences which are paired with wines that complement the dishes perfectly.
  20. Gaillard & Co – A seafood restaurant that changes its menu regularly but always uses only the highest-quality products available.
  21. Flour Of Life Bakery – This French bakery is known for its delicious meals which come from a menu that changes every day, as well as the amazing bread it makes fresh each morning.
  22. SamSara Catering Company & Bar – A restaurant that plays host to various special events and happens to serve some of the best food in Adelaide.
  23. The Kitchen Table Restaurant & Cafe – This restaurant offers great food, wine, and coffee all day, as well as an impressive high tea experience every weekend.
  24. Slowpoke – A cafe that has a section dedicated to selling various cheeses for customers to enjoy with their wines.
  25. Blackwood Pantry – A cafe that offers a range of South Australian wines alongside its freshly made food.


These are some of the best wine-serving restaurants in Adelaide. All of these places offer great food and wine, making them perfect for any occasion. They also have a high standard of service, which is always welcoming at formal events.

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