Buy HD Digital Video Tapes for Your Next Production Work

Jun 12, 2021 Others

HD DV tapes (HI-DEF Digital Video Tapes) are designed for recording and playing back of digital signals rather than analog video signals. Launched in 1995, this tape format has become an ideal choice for videographers of today.

The video coding in DV tapes compress the recorded video on a frame-by-frame basis, while storing the audio uncompressed. The Digital Interface Format (DIF) is the basic unit of recorded data on tapes. The audio, video and metadata are packaged into 80-byte Digital Interface Format (DIF) blocks which are combined right into a 150-block sequence. The DIF blocks could be stored as file formats like AVI (Audio Video Interleave), Quick Time and MXF (Material eXchange Format). A video frame in a DV tape is formed by 10 or 12 sequences, depending on scanning rate of video and audio contents. After the video and audio signals get written to the tape, each sequence is identified as a complete track.

However, with the advancement of technology, Sony and Panasonic have introduced some latest versions of digital video tapes. Almost all the DV tapes use same compression system but differ in features like color rendition, robustness, editing functions and scanning pattern.

Take a look at some variants of HD DV tape which are highly used by television production houses:

? DVCPRO tape: Introduced in the year 1995, this variation of DV originated by Panasonic. It is highly utilized by broadcasting industries for news gathering and reporting process.

? DVCAM tape: This professional version of DV premiered by Sony 1996. It allows recording of Mini-DV footage over DVCAM tape and prevents audio synchronization drift which may occur when several generations of recorded copies are created by the users.

? DVCPRO50: This digital video format was introduced by Panasonic in the year 1997. It doubles the coded video data rate to 50 Mbit/s, thereby cutting recording amount of time in half in comparison to DVCPRO tapes. It offers high quality recording of news and digital cinema and hence is really a boon to the broadcasting houses.

Apart from the previously listed video formats, there are many of digital video tapes which allows easy recording of audio and video signals. A number of companies provide tapes as a data storage solution to the customers. If you are searching for HD tapes, then you can certainly opt for data storage products supplied by wholesale distributors in the United States. Some companies offer a lot more than 10,000 electronic items from over 200 of the best manufactures in the film, tape, data storage and AV industries. You can examine out their online stores and enjoy noticeable savings on a number of products.