Cummings Electric Company Others Dahua TIOC 2.0 ip cameras technology

Dahua TIOC 2.0 ip cameras technology

Dahua TIOC 2.0 ip cameras technology

Dahua TIOC 2.0

the most powerful video surveillance system technology for the protection of private property. TIOC (three in one technology) combines 3 technologies:

  1. Full Color – color image at night
  2. AI (Artificial Intelligence) or SMD (Smart Motion Detection) – detecting the movement of a person and a car with a filter for false alarms (animals, weather conditions, trees, etc.).
  3. Active Deterrence – sound and light alarm from CCTV cameras.

Full control from a mobile phone

The system allows you to manage arming and disarming of CCTV cameras – i.e. you can turn on or off active notification (siren and strobe) and alarm notification with one click, while the video surveillance system will continue to record video as usual.

This is how it looks in a DMSS application:

Cameras of this series have a resolution of 2-8 megapixels. The image is very rich and vivid. Here is an example of how the cameras show during the day and at night:

TIOC cameras have alarm inputs and outputs (relays). With the help of them, cameras can be connected to the security system installed inside the house. Use the input to send a command to arm the camera, and use the outputs to send a signal to the burglar alarm. Thus, the alarm signal can be sent to your security company.

You can also watch several videos that demonstrate the functionality of the system and the image from Dahua TIOC cameras:



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