Cummings Electric Company Others Deciding on a Purge and Trap Autosampler: Frequently Asked Concerns

Deciding on a Purge and Trap Autosampler: Frequently Asked Concerns

Purge and trap autosamplers are regularly made use of for chromatographic evaluation. Unlike other kinds of autosamplers, their purging and trapping mechanism makes them ideal for analyzing compounds that are present in low levels, specifically Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) If you are in the market for a purge and trap autosampler, but if you have concerns about picking out the best equipment, the answers under may well help.

Should the machine accommodate both water and soil samples?

Laboratories that use autosamplers to test soil and liquid samples routinely use models that accommodate both types of samples. The potential benefits of employing the identical machine for each samples include things like: significantly less equipment expense, much less equipment occupied space, and more effective sample transfer.

What is the very best method for stopping sample carryover?

Various models use diverse procedures for stopping carryover. A single of the ideal techniques is to fill the needle with bake gas in a trap bake mode even though applying a hot water rinse in a fixed volume loop to heat the water in the pathway. This approach is employed with the Centurion purge and trap autosampler.

Is a front-loading model improved than a back-loading model?

Each models have special added benefits. Front-loading purge and trap models are useful for getting low carryover and sample consumption, whilst back-loading models are advantageous for obtaining an effective cleaning function. Most autosamplers have front-loading technologies, but hybrid autosamplers that contain each sorts of technology are also out there.

What IT capabilities need to the autosampler supply?

The IT environment of the laboratory defines the IT capabilities of its gear. Right now, high-tech laboratories want autosamplers that have network capability, printing capability, and supply net-primarily based access. Models that contain the Windows XPe platform offer these IT capabilities, amongst others.

Is it sensible to acquire a pre-owned autosampler?

Acquiring a pre-owned model is certainly sensible for various reasons. For one particular, it is typically priced at least twenty-5 % much less than new equipment. For a different, it generally experiences minimal put on. Buying a pre-owned item is also sensible when the product’s technology is up to date. Due to the fact lightly applied lab equipment enters the secondary market at a steady price, locating up-to-date gear is usually not hard.

What form of seller should pre-owned equipment be purchased from?

Pre-owned lab equipment is out there from numerous sources, but it ought to be bought from a seller that specializes in inspecting, reconditioning, and reselling used lab gear. Some sellers of new gear also sell pre-owned equipment. If you need support deciding regardless of whether to acquire a new autosampler or a used one particular, consulting with a single of these sellers is perfect.


A purge and trap autosampler is located in most laboratories that test soil and liquid samples for low-level compounds. Though purge and trap autosamplers can carry out the identical types of evaluation, distinctive models have various characteristics. Picking the suitable model demands a careful inspection of the machine’s exclusive mechanics, its general situation, and an assessment of the seller. For far more data on deciding on an autosampler, get in touch with a respected seller of new and utilized laboratory gear nowadays.

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