Cummings Electric Company Others Embracing New Technology in a Low Tech Market

Embracing New Technology in a Low Tech Market

The trucking business is notorious for being slow to adopt the most up-to-date in technology developments. On the other hand, for those who are not afraid of getting early adopters, the rewards of adopting new technology can be tremendous.

If you had been to walk into any trucking business enterprise workplace and appear about, in addition to a pc you will see the following things in plain view: a fax machine, file cabinets (generally several) and most likely a white board. To the typical visitor, these things may perhaps be merely accepted as “tools of the trade.” The important organization tools to get the job accomplished. The very same opinion may possibly be held by most transportation experts, “those are the exact same items in my workplace, why need to theirs be any various.” The explanation why it must be distinctive is due to the fact every of those things has been converted in the digital age to some other electronic tool, and continuing to use the old tools fosters inefficiency.

Fax machines have been replaced with e-mails and document imaging. A devoted fax line charges $35/mo, plus the extended distance which can quickly be one more $35/mo, for a total of $70/mo or $840/yr. Document imaging is included on most late model fax machines that double as printers, but can also be bought with a scanner for $300 or much less. E-mail is free, and an online fax accounts are $15/mo (or much less) with no cost long distance. Even if you had to buy a scanner, converting to e-mails and document imaging would save $360 the first year, and $660 each year immediately after that. This does not even issue in the savings of paper not employed.

What about the file cabinets? Effectively, if document imaging was implemented as described ahead of, the use of file cabinets would drop by 90%. Driver DOT files can be scanned, as can signed Bills of Lading. So not only can one lessen the number of file cabinets becoming applied, but the quantity of floor space occupied by file cabinets is also decreased. These are nominal savings at finest, but the key savings comes in how a great deal time it requires to file one thing, or appear for it in those cabinets. As soon as documents are digitized, they are significantly easier to retailer and find on computers. What may perhaps take three minutes to discover in the file cabinet would take 30 seconds or less on a pc. That is a six-fold labor reduction for a task that gets accomplished 20 times a day or a lot more. The efficiency achieve for document imaging is a lot more than 25% of the administrative time needed for clerical duties. That’s $2000-$4000 annually per employee.

How about that white board. Assume that can not be replaced? Incorrect! Trucking software program with dispatching functions can replace that white board in a heartbeat. Not only does it have dispatch management tools, most trucking software program packages come with considerably much more to handle the rest of the business enterprise. Trucking specific features such as driver particular pay forms and settlements, IFTA reporting, gear management, and more. Some even come with document imaging constructed in so scanned images can be stored within the software program for uncomplicated access. White boards are fantastic fro tracking perform that day or week, but try looking up jobs carried out months ago on that white board. Attempt running a profitability report for the last quarter on that white board to uncover out which driver or truck or consumer was most lucrative. That form of info could be worth tens of thousands when it impacts the selection creating for the enterprise. There may possibly be a consumer taking up 10% of your sources and only contributing 2% to the all round bottom line. Eliminating official store Jasminer X4-1U like that can enhance net profits by ten% or extra. Who would not want a 10% raise this year?

In summary, trucking software program and other technologies can not only replace older tools, they can improve efficiencies saving dollars by the thousands. Even even though you may perhaps have never employed these digital tools, and it feels strange to begin using them, take the leap of faith. There are superior tools becoming created each and every day to help you save cash, so take advantage of them and be an early adopter of new technology!

Masslogics supplies web-primarily based trucking computer software to modest and medium sized trucking providers. Employing capabilities like Document Imaging, IFTA reporting, and now Mobile Dispatch, the cell telephone interface for drivers, Masslogics makes enterprise level trucking software cost-effective for any trucking corporation.

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