Excellent Buying guide for Bathroom Vanities

Jun 22, 2020 Others

Many people are creating their design themes around the vanity unit in making it the most important part of their bathroom. Also, as a decorative piece it serves a practical function for washing and doing makeups and other personal grooming people always do in the bathrooms. This article will give you a short excellent guides for choosing the best bathroom vanity which would be suitable for your bathroom design.

The very first thing to think about when choosing for a bathroom vanity is the storage. Does it have sufficient storage for your private items? Does it have enough cabinets that you can have one specifically for you and the rest for other family members? Too large vanity is also boring and will make the whole place look disorganized. First evaluate your bathroom and measure how much enough space you have, the enough space you need to move about when you are in the bathroom, then shop at your leisure.

The next thing to look into is the materials for the vanity counter tops. The most of the bathroom vanities are made of marble, hardwood and granite. To make the vanity look excellently beautiful, you need to select a countertop material that will match with the vanity cabinets perfectly well to achieve great results. Glass and stone countertops are awesome selections. However, having hardwood and granite installed on your vanity will still look customary and beautiful as well. Because the prices for the tops are different just don’t let the cost dictate what you are going to settle for instead go for quality products always!

Lastly, match the style of the vanity you have chosen with the rest of the house. An excellent bathroom vanity should be arranged to match the theme of the house. A small bathroom with integral sink will look stunning while a large bathroom vanity can look more classic with a vessel sink installed top of the cabinet. Before you choose the material to use, make total arrangements to make sure that everything goes well.

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