Filling Cookies Container With Soft Cookies

Feb 10, 2021 Others

When storing soft cookies in a cookies container, there are several things to take note of. Examples of soft cookies include flavours such as peanut butter and marshmallow, which typically feature some inherent level of moisture. This is what makes their storage a challenge as the wetness in the cookie can easily compromise the crunchy texture of the cookie’s dough. In particular, the core of these cookies have moisture from the fillings while the sides have less. The uneven level of moisture leads to the cookies withering when they lose dampness to the surrounding air, thus leading them to become brittle.

Holding Soft Cookies

To keep soft cookies fresh, comply with these steps:

  • Ensure cookies have cooled down prior to keeping in the cookies container
  • Hold the soft cookies in an airtight container
  • Store various flavors individually
  • Since chewy and soft cookies tend to adhere to each other, it is important to separate them using parchment paper


If your cookies are made with icing, position them in a singular layer. This will maintain the topping where it belongs, on top of the cookies. If your cookies are intended to be crunchy, do not bother with making use of an airtight jar.

While filling your container, bear in mind that cookies will attract tastes from other cookies. See to it that when you’re stowing them, your cookies are either all the identical flavor or at the very least of the same range. The last thing you wish to bite into is a peanut butter & mint-flavored cookie.

Stored effectively, soft cookies ought to last for as much as a week at room temperature. However, without storing them in an impermeable container, these cookies can get stagnant really swiftly – in two to three days.

Choosing cookie containers for your home


Cookie containers like any other storage or ornament can become damaged over time. Typically in the form of cracks, chips and discolouration, cookie containers that have sustained such damages will naturally be worth less. Do also consider if air is leaking into the container or if the paint has worn off.


If you wish to use a cookie jar as a form of decoration or a visual attraction in your living room, then consider buying a cookie jar that is rarer. Indeed, like art pieces, certain cookie container ranges have limited production, leading to demand amongst collectors.

The McCoy cookie container ranges are rare and regularly can cost you up to $500 if they remain in good condition. . Even in damaged condition, one of these sold for practically $200. Others, like the charming yet a lot more usual berry cookie jar or maple bear, sell for under $100 in great state due to the fact that they are much easier to find.