Cummings Electric Company Others Full Guide: How to Buy Realistic Dildos

Full Guide: How to Buy Realistic Dildos

If you are looking for the feeling of real raw sex, a realistic dildo will be a perfect toy for you. Realistic dildos are designed to look and feel like a man’s penis. They are often made from soft, squishy, flexible materials like rubber, silicone, CyberSkin, among others. To simulate a human penis, realistic dildos have pronounced veiny shafts, glans tip and smooth testicles.

Most realistic dildos come with a suction cup allowing you to enjoy hands-free fun. Others can be used with strap-on harnesses for when you want to fuck your partner to earth-shattering orgasms. Some also come with vibrators to make your solo moments even more maddening with pleasure. Often, realistic dildos are slightly curved on the tip to maximise G-spot and P-spot stimulation. It doesn’t matter whether you are a man or a woman, a realistic dildo will certainly deliver you the big orgasms you have been crazing for. Combine realistic dildo features and your creativity, and your will be sailing off to your sensual fantasises with a punch Anal Vibrators.

Like any other sex toys, realistic dildos come in different sizes, shapes and materials from hundreds of manufacturers. Picking just one or several can be overwhelming. This guide is intended to help you pick the perfect realistic dildo for maximum pleasure.


Things to Consider When Choosing a Realistic Dildo

Size Matters

Just like men have different penis sizes, so does realistic dildos. They will usually vary between normal penis sizes which are about 5.5 inches girth and 6-to-7 inches in length to larger girths and lengths. Black realistic dildos tend to have larger girths and lengths. If you are just starting out in dildo sex, its best to start with normal penis sizes. You can then move on to larger sizes as you gradually train your vagina or anus to accommodate extra fullness.


Realistic dildos come in different shapes designed for maximum internal stimulation. If you are looking for a trusting dildo, choose one that is veiny and comfortably gives a movable fullness. For the lucky men who know the benefits of prostate milking, choose a realistic dildo that is long enough to reach your prostrate and curved tip to enhance the massage. For the ladies who fancy cowgirl rides, a realistic dildo with a shaft slightly curved upwards will certainly drive you wild.


Realistic dildos are made with soft and flexible materials like rubber, Cyber Skin, Real Feel Super Skin, among others. These materials are chemically softened and designed to look and feel like normal human skin. They are squishy, bendable and warm to the touch. The downside is that most realistic feel materials are highly porous. If not properly cleaning and dried, bacterial growth and moulding may occur inside the toy. This means you need to be extra vigilant about hygiene when using realistic dildos. Make sure to clean them properly and sterilise before and after every use. For healthy purposes, don’t share your realistic dildo with your playmates. Make sure to get separate dildos for vaginal and anal plays. You can also slide on a condom to reduce the amount of fluids getting into the dildo.

Unique Features

Realistic dildos have undergone many modifications to maximise your pleasure. Besides the real feel during penetration, you can also include vibrations. Often, the realistic dildo features a removable vibrating bullet with multiple speeds. Some vibrators are waterproof allowing you to have fun in the bathroom or pool. There are also realistic ejaculating dildos. These are perfect for partner plays. You thrust your lover rough until they are screaming then cum in them just as they climax. It is a feeling they will forever cherish. You can also find dildos with suction cups for hands-free pleasure. Stick it on the floor or wall and ride on it as you stimulate yourself or your partner. Think about what you want your dildo to do for you and choose appropriately.

Lube Compatibility

Most realistic materials are hybrids of rubbers and other soft plastics. Some may contain compounds of silicone. Make sure to read the product specifications to know which lube is compatible with your type of material. Water-based lubricants are compatible with all materials making them the most recommend. Silicone- based lubricants are not compatible with materials that contain silicone compounds. Be sure to buy your realistic dildos from reputable sex toy retailers like Peaches and Screams as they have elaborate product details highlight the types of lube to use.

How to care for a Realistic Dildos

Real feel materials are porous and therefore need a little bit more care. Be sure to clean and sterilise your dildo before and after every use. You can use hot water and antibacterial sterilizing solution or get a sex toy cleaner here at Peaches and Screams. Dry them thoroughly in the sun or using a dryer to make sure you eliminate all the dampness to ensure no moulding or bacteria growth occurs. Store your realistic dildo in a dry and sanitized place ready for next time. As long as you care for them properly, these dildos will serve you for a long time. In case you notice discoloration or a foil odour coming out of your realistic dildo, it is time to replace with a new one.

At Peaches and Screams, we know good sex promotes your health and wellbeing. Expand your throes of sexual ecstasy with erotic realistic dildo sex here Peaches and Screams. Pummel yourself and your partner with a realistic vibrating dildo, realistic black dildo, realistic dildo with suction cup, and much more from Peaches and Screams. Add to cart your perfect realistic dildo and Peaches and Screams will be honoured to discretely package and deliver your realistic dildo to your doorstep. Good sex is essential in creating intimacy and sustaining a relationship. Rewrite the scripts of how you deliver and receive pleasure with a realistic dildo. Life is extremely short; make it fun and exciting with mind-blowing orgasms. You deserve the best!


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