How to Choose a Mattress – Bed Buying Guide

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It might be stressful to go through the process of getting a new mattress. There’s a lot to think about when it comes to finding the ideal mattress for you and your budget, and it might make you feel like you need a sleep.

Instead of causing yourself unnecessary worry, take these advice from the Good Housekeeping Institute’s Textiles Lab’s bedding experts. The greatest mattresses for every kind of sleeper are continuously evaluated by our fiber scientists. Throughout the years, we’ve done extensive study and testing on hundreds of mattresses, and we’re often asked to share our findings with the media. Keeping this in mind, it’s crucial to remember that there isn’t a single mattress that will work for everyone.

What to think about while picking a mattress

When you lay down, it is critical that your spine be in a neutral position. Which mattress is ideal for you will depend on your sleeping position, body type, and personal preferences for the way it feels and the materials it’s made from. If you’re a hot sleeper or suffer from back discomfort, you’ll need to take into account factors like cost, portability, and durability. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Types of Mattresses

Most material choices are available in a broad variety of hardness and pricing ranges. Although memory foam and innerspring beds are the most popular, the choice rests solely with the individual. Choosing the right kind of mattress is as simple as following these steps:

Memory foam.

Because they conform to your body and relieve strain on pressure spots, memory foam mattresses are the greatest choice for pressure relief. It’s common for foam bed users to express the sensation of being cradled when they sleep. These mattresses are perfect for those who sleep on their side or suffer from back discomfort since they reduce the strain on your shoulders and hips. You’ll be less likely to be disturbed by your partner’s movements thanks to their ability to isolate your body from his or hers.

Multiple layers of stronger foam at the bottom and softer foam on top provide durability and support. Memory foam has the disadvantage of retaining heat more readily, however many manufacturers now include built-in cooling mechanisms to combat this problem.


They are comparable to memory foam, but manufactured from rubber trees, so they may be used in organic mattresses. Aside from its higher price tag and greater resilience, the bouncy sensation of latex is also more costly than that of memory foam.

While shopping for latex, keep an eye out for the two main varieties: Dunlop, which is often denser, and Talalay, which is typically softer. In actuality, you may not even notice the difference between the two at all..


Steel coils give these mattresses their firmness and bounce. Many customers prefer innerspring mattresses over the boxed mattresses that have grown more popular in recent years. Those who like to sleep on their backs or stomachs will benefit from the firmer surface, which helps maintain the spine in proper alignment.

When shopping, keep in Beds and the coil count. You can determine how thick the steel is by its coil gauge, which normally runs from 12 to 15, and a lower number indicates that the steel is tougher and more durable. Mattresses with at least 400 coils in a Queen-size mattress are considered high-quality. For more precise support, you may want to look at pocketed coils, in which each spring is individually wrapped rather than webbed together.


Because you don’t have to choose between memory foam or latex and coils, hybrid mattresses are a great alternative. Support is provided by the coils, while pressure is alleviated by the foam on top. There are several hybrids on the market that, when you lay down, feel very much like foam mattresses. Note that they’ll be more costly and heavy to put up than all-foam options.


Adjustable beds include air chambers that enable you to alter the hardness of the mattress, which is less frequent. Couples with differing tastes will find them particularly handy. Although they’re pricey, customers routinely tell us that the better sleep they get after buying one justifies the expense.

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