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SattaMatka Gambling



Matka Gambling is also known as Satta. It is a form of lottery which is illegal in India.


The beginning


It started in India before independence. It involved betting on the opening and closing rates of cotton from the Newyork Cotton Exchange. But, things completely changed post-1960 when The Newyork Cotton Exchange stopped the practice.


The gamblers did not want to stop the gambling. Hence, came up with many alternatives. This when RatanKhatri introduced an idea of predicting the opening and closing rates of imaginary products.

To put in place this, people wrote numbers on paper chits and put in Matka (an Indian pot). After this, any person drew out a random chit and declare the written number. The practice was much like the fish pot these days.


Over time, the matkas were switched to playing cards. The gamester would pick any three numbers from the card deck. Even though, now it included cards, the name “Matka” was never changed. During this, another gambler, KalyanjiBhagat started “The WorliMatka” in the year 1964. His Matka had a few different rules and ran from Monday to Saturday. While RatanKhatri’s ran only for five days a week, from Monday to Friday. The person who earned the most in Makta would be known as the Matka King.

How To Play Matka Online?


Playing Matka is a game of fortune, that means your chances of winning depend on your luck but to be honest, there are other factors that directly affect your frequency to win at Matka and one of them is the selection of reliable and professional application or website that you could trust. KuberStarline is one such application that has proved itself as the best platform for playing Matka online. It has kept the trust of its users for years and will continue to do so in the coming time. Apart from reliability, the application provides you with so many features that will help you play the game conveniently. The main focus of KuberStarline is to create a platform for people for playing Matka that they can feel trustworthy and also it user-friendly so the people do not face any difficulty in using the application.



The highs and lows of the Matka Business


The 1980s and 1990s were the peak decades for Matka business and saw the betting volumes as greater as 500 crores per month. Most prominent Matka players were the textile mills workers. As a result, most Matka shops were in the central Mumbai, where lied the circle of the textile mills. That’s when Mumbai police came into the action. TheMatka dens faced a massive crackdown and moved at the outskirts. Many of them even moved to Gujarat, Rajasthan and other surrounding states.


Meanwhile, small punters explored other online and offline sources of gambling. These sources included zhatpat lotteries and many other such lotteries. The rich gamesters started betting on the cricket matches. In 1995 there were 2,000+ big and medium-time Makta bookies in Mumbai and neighbouring towns. However, lately, the number has declined to as less as 300. The average turnover also came down to around Rs 100 crores a month.

The modern Matka business is centred in and aroundMaharastra

The Bollywood and the Matka Business

Rattan Khatri, a prominent Matka king also ventured into the Bollywood. He has also starred in RangeelaRatan. A movie he played the character of himself. He financed and also co-produced this film with RamchandraBhikubhai.

The Matka culture and the Matka Kings have inspired the Bollywood from time and again. One such films, Dharmatma, was based on the life of Rattan Khatri. The film was presented by Feroz Khan and The character of Rattan Khatri was played by PremNath. The dialogues of the film were written by KaushalBharati





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