The Amazing Sensation

Oct 12, 2021 Others

The new version of the popular Vivo S1 smart phone from Sony Ericsson is the Vivo S1 Mini Pro. This mobile phone has all the features of the regular model but at a slightly lower price. The most striking feature of this smartphone is the presence of a super-scrolling camera. This is available as a built in function of the handset. The camera can be used to display images that you have taken with your smartphone. In this article, I will reveal how to buy a Vivo S1 Mini Pro online.

The Chinese smartphone manufacturer has launched this new model in the mid-budget segment to provide some of the advanced features that are fully justified at the lower price. The Vivo S1 Mini Pro was launched in a single model with 8GB RAM and 1GB memory card and comes in three colors Jazzy Blue, Mystic Black and Dreamy White. This smartphone comes with an aluminium frame and is equipped with a five megapixel resolution camera as well as a heart rate monitor, fingerprint sensor and dual LED flashlight. On the other hand, the connectivity features of the handset are quite decent. The connectivity options include a Bluetooth bar, USB adapter, MMS, USB mass storage, 3G and EDGE connectivity which enables the users to download games, music and videos from the Internet.

However, the real star of this handset is its camera. vivo s1 The Vivo S1 Mini Pro has a six mega pixel camera which is quite sufficient for amateur users and professionals alike. This gives it an edge over the competitors as it enables the users to take high quality images. At the same time, this also enables the users to take high quality pictures of slow moving objects.

The Vivo S1 mini Pro also comes with a high performance Android OS which is based on Kit Kat. This means that it offers a smooth experience on the mobile and does not lag even while you are busy using other tasks like browsing the web or listening to your favourite songs. The operating system is largely enhanced with the help of HTC Sense which offers a number of features including HTC Auto Input, HTC Flashlight, HTC Connect, HTC Camera etc. One of the best features of this smartphone is its dual engine fast Android engine that offers incredible processing power along with great gaming support. This handset runs on a quad core processor which is much faster than the single core processors which have been used in the older versions of smartphones. This ensures that the user does not face any problems while using the phone.

In addition, the Vivo S1 has a nice feature called HTC Auto Input that allows users to use different external keyboard from a single location. This facilitates a much better usage of the keyboard thus saving a lot of time and effort. This feature works well on both touch screen and physical keyboards and enables you to easily switch between input devices with just a single touch. Another interesting feature of the HTC Sensation is its Fingerprint Scanner. This lets you unlock the phone without having to enter a code, which is helpful in case you need to enter a password for some reason.

With such an impressive package, you would expect the HTC Sensation to come at an expensive price. However, in reality, it is available at a rather affordable price considering all the latest features offered by the handset. It is one of the best value for money handsets in the market and is definitely one of the best ways to experience high quality mobile telephony at an affordable price. All these are possible thanks to HTC’s brilliant launch promotion and collaboration with Samsung.