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Toy Joy Prince Charming Small

The Toy Joy Prince Charming Small is a smaller version of the original toy Joy Prince Charming 20cm dildo; it is designed as a realistic replica of a Caucasian penis with pronounced veining for greater stimulation, a nicely formed and textured pair of balls for enhanced clitoral massage, and a strong suction base for hands-free masturbation. sports a well rounded and perfectly angled tip, as well as a gorgeously shaped head that slides into any hole painlessly. This synthetic penis is designed to perfectly mimic the feel and thrill of a real penis, its firm yet flexible and has a realistic color for full effect. The small size is well suited for beginners as well as experienced users; it has a length of 6 inches and a girth of 4.5 inches. The suction base with its powerful suction pressure enables the toy to stay in place, and allows users to enjoy hands-free masturbation, you can place it anywhere and the suction glue will make it stick while you ride. The toy joy charming prince small is ideal for both vaginal and anal stimulation, it’s just so amazing complete with penial muscles and veins fully accentuated for maximum stimulation. This toy is produced from phthalate-free PVC with a waterproof design; it’s easy to clean with hot soapy water or a toy cleaner. To make your sessions even more pleasurable, apply a liberal helping of a water-based lubricant, and enjoy the natural and magical charm only a charming prince can offer, you’ll be agreeably surprised to discover that your little prince is a skilled fucker, and he won’t stop until your body vibrates with the convulsive force of an explosive orgasm. It’s perfect time for role play; you play Cinderella, while this toy plays Prince Charming.

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