Understanding How Cervical Traction Works

Mar 27, 2021 Others

There are several types of cervical traction devices available to pregnant women seeking to relieve the pain of pregnancy. This painful and often time debilitating condition can be very intense and many women may find themselves spending a lot of time in the doctor’s office suffering from headaches and neck pain. A cervical collar is one such product designed to reduce the intensity of this pain and promote better posture.

The cervical collar is a special elastic head piece that fits around the neck and latches onto the upper ends of the cervical bones. When using it tightens around the head and slowly releases. It is important to wear a cervical collar while you are pregnant, but remember that it should not be worn during any type of physical activity. Although Cervical Traction Devices during pregnancy, the tightening process can loosen the bones in your neck and cause strain or ligament damage to them later in life.

Most women that wear these cervical collars during pregnancy do notice an immediate reduction in pain. The cervical collar itself does not reduce the pain, but it tightens the muscles around the neck, which eases the pressure on the nerves. Many women notice that the swelling and pain is lessened after wearing the cervical collar for only a few hours a day.

Doctors have approved the use of cervical traction for many different ailments over the years. Back pain and leg cramps have been two conditions treated using cervical traction. In fact, doctors often prescribe cervical collars for people with back pain. This is a great example of how a simple treatment technique can have positive results. The main drawback to the use of a cervical collar in this fashion is that the pain associated with it can be very intense. Women sometimes report feeling pain so powerful that they actually cannot get through their day.

There are also several different brands and styles of cervical traction devices that you can purchase. Each model is designed for a specific type of back pain or neck pain. Make sure to discuss your particular situation with your doctor before deciding which cervical collar is best for you.

One of the biggest misconceptions about the use of a cervical collar is that it will give you relief from headaches. This is simply not the case. Headaches are most often caused by tension in the muscles of the face, shoulders, or upper back. Cervical collars are effective in reducing the tension in these areas, thus eliminating the headaches associated with them. There are other causes of headaches, such as stress, fatigue, and even depression. Any condition that you experience that interferes with your life can result in a headache and wearing a cervical collar has been found to significantly reduce the number of headaches a person experiences during the course of a day.

Even though most cervical collars are made out of nylon or acrylic, there are different kinds to choose from. Some have padding on the ends of them that can grip onto the scalp. This is an effective method of reducing the tension on the skin and hair around the scalp and neck. Others have headgear attached to the end of the collars. This headgear is designed to provide traction on the head and scalp as well as support for the neck and back.

The main advantage to using a cervical collar is that it works to reduce the amount of stress on the head and neck. Since the head is supported while in an upright position, there is less pressure exerted on the various points of the body. This greatly reduces the risk of injury to the neck and head, which can lead to a number of health problems over time. Using a cervical collar is one of the safest and most effective ways to relieve the strain and pressure that you feel on your body from a lot of activities. If you would like to find out more information about cervical collars and how they can help you, visit the links below.