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Your Guide to Studying in Kosovo? Learn Top Universities The education system in Kosovo operates through public universities and private higher education institutions (colleges, institutes, higher professional schools, and academies) that offer study programs leading to a degree or diploma.

Choosing the right university is a critical decision for students. In Kosovo, like anywhere else, education at the university level is expensive and time-consuming. The costs of enrollment at a Kosovan university are dependent on the program and courses you choose. Private programs, however, are typically more expensive than public schools.

Every institution offers a range of undergraduate, graduate, and professional courses, which not only center on academics but have practical applications.

The standard of education in Kosovo’s best universities, colleges, medical schools, and law schools meets the set requirements for formal education. This is a list of the best universities to study in Kosovo according to the studies that the students have done, professors’ titles and diplomas, facilities, university reputation, and much more.

The University of Prishtina “Hasan Prishtina” The University of Pristina is a public higher education institution located in Prishtina, Kosovo. It was founded on February 15, 1970. In the composition of the newly established University of Pristina were faculties with their headquarters in Pristina: the Faculty of Philosophy, Faculty of Law and Economics, Faculty of Engineering, and Faculty of Medicine.

From its founding, the University of Pristina has focused on providing high-quality education. Today the university has expanded beyond its early focus to deliver a larger and more diverse set of offerings.

Now the University of Pristina has 17 faculties, of which 14 are academic faculties, and 3 are faculties of applied sciences. You can find them listed below:

  1. Faculty of Philosophy
  2. Faculty of Mathematical-Natural Sciences
  3. Faculty of Philology
  4. Faculty of Law
  5. Faculty of Economics
  6. Faculty of Civil Engineering
  7. Faculty of Electrical and Computer Engineering
  8. Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
  9. Faculty of Medicine
  10. Faculty of Arts
  11. Faculty of Agriculture
  12. Faculty of Sports Sciences
  13. Faculty of Education
  14. Faculty of Architecture

The University of Prishtina is a high-ranked Albanian-language university in Europe and is a member of the European University Association. The school maintains contact with American and Western European universities and has strong ties to the western world.

AAB College AAB College Links to an external site. is a private university located in Fushe Kosove, Kosovo. Founded in 2002 as a college of higher learning in mass communication, in 2008 it has expanded to eight departments, offering degrees in 13 study fields through the faculty system. Within these faculties, 24 programs are developed at the bachelor level and 15 programs are offered at the master level.

AAB has a huge selection of programs and departments to choose from. These fields are distributed across relevant faculties including

  1. Public administration
  2. Architecture
  3. Arts
  4. Economics
  5. English language
  6. Legal
  7. Physical culture and sports
  8. Mass communication
  9. Computer science
  10. Social science
  11. Psychology
  12. infirmary
  13. Radiology
  14. Dentistry

In the University Campus in Prishtina, there are six facilities committed for the exercise of teaching activity equipped with modern facilities for creative learning and with modern technology. These facilities include a sports recreation center featuring a swimming pool, football fields, volleyball, tennis, etc. There is also a sports gym which enables the development of the social and sports life of college students.

Studying abroad is one of the great opportunities that many students do not take advantage of. It is a chance to travel around the world with no commitment other than studying and learning. Use this opportunity to travel the world, explore different cultures, and gather experience that will contribute to your future career