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What’s Brand-new Around Shopzilla Publisher Program Application Programming Interface

The new API has enhanced features, added functions, and is created on a faster, more scalable infrastructure.

What is actually new?


one. New factor: bidded

These API now include a new child component of product referred to as bidded. This factor is a real or untrue worth that signifies no matter whether the merchandise is monetized or not. If the price is false, you will not make earnings on sales opportunities or clicks to this product. Use discretion on whether or not or not to include the non-monetized listings on your website. We consist of these further products because some Publishers like to have more substantial product choices even if they will not likely create earnings on these clicks. The aspect was not in prior versions of the API simply because Shopzilla excluded offers that were not monetized for Publishers.

2. Acronyms API corrected

Demonstrate a record of applicable item characteristics by which you could even more refine your request. Use |attFilter|:Filter benefits based on characteristics.

3.Taxonomy added

The Taxonomy Useful resource permits your software to research and check out BizRate’s hierarchy of types.


1.Taken off all Merchant Testimonials
two.Removed merchandise Overview

In addition, the use of the API arrives with some crucial limitations and constraints that you must abide by:

one. Service provider immediate back links have to be employed for comparison purchasing shows only. Prices and respective merchant/shop names should be detailed with every solution you screen.
2. Each item displayed need to have at minimum three service provider hyperlinks offered. If there are significantly less than 3 delivers obtainable for a item, you must screen all gives. When there are far more than three gives obtainable, and you do not want to show all the gives, you ought to provide customers with a “see all provides” link and both website link that to a website page on your internet site that will demonstrate all gives or hyperlink to the “Compare Retailers & Prices” webpage for that item.
three. If you are caching info, you should refresh your cache at least 4 moments per day to guarantee that the offers are nevertheless live/accessible and that the pricing data has not altered.
four. You are essential to spot a “Powered by BizRate” website link that lands on Bizrate dot com on each website page the place material from the API is shown. To guarantee that you are paid out for any resultant merchant redirects from BizRate, you could use also this URL:

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