WhatsApp Business: Pros and Cons

Mar 9, 2021 Others


WhatsApp has recently launched a new tool solely for businesses. Marketers today have been using messaging apps to reach out the customers. WhatsApp has seen tremendous growth in the number of users ever since Facebook bought it. If you have used WhatsApp before, the business version would not seem complicated. It is like connecting with your customers in the same manner as you would connect with your friends. Laying down the WhatsApp Business pros and cons for you to figure out if it is a good option for your business:


  1. WhatsApp Business is a free app available for Android, iOS, and Windows mobile phones. You just need to download it, follow the instructions to begin, and you are good to go.
  2. Most people are already familiar with the app’s use, so it gets easier to connect with clients or customers.
  3. It gets simpler to share the data virtually either in the form of image, text message, video files, PDF document, voice recording; it provides a whole lot of options.
  4. It allows the user to set automated away messages. It is a boon for users who can’t be available 24*7
  5. The user interface is exceptionally comfortable. You need not be tech-savvy to use this app.
  6. You can update your status (just like Instagram/Facebook stories) and inform your customer base about a new product launch or any other update about your business.
  7. It enables you to sell your product. The payment option has made it easier for smaller business to increase their sales.
  8. You can send programmed messages, i.e., you can set input a shortcode which will transform into a preset text message.
  9. It allows more humanized and rapid services to the customer as compared to similar tools.
  10. The possibility of adding critical information, such as an address, website, email, working hours, and catalog, is necessary for companies to offer an increasingly professional service.



  1. This app’s biggest flaw is that it allows only one device to be connected per business account. It could be a problem for medium to large size companies.
  2. You need to stay connected to the internet to be able to use this app.
  3. The business tool is banned in some countries.
  4. It accesses and stores the data, which puts a question on data security.
  5. You are unable to send large-sized files; only 16MB of video can be sent, and 100MB of document file can be shared.
  6. You can’t access the account without a phone number.
  7. Even though WhatsApp has a desktop application, WhatsApp web, you need an active internet connection on both devices. If the phone’s battery drains, the web application seems useless.
  8. It can only be used on smartphones.


We have laid out the information on both advantages and disadvantages of the WhatsApp Business application. Although there are some disadvantages, it does offer a lot of benefits. Moreover, it is free to use; you can surely give it a try for business and see if it upscales your sales.