Why Sardinia? The top 5 reasons for visiting

Jan 30, 2021 Others



Want to go on a holiday in Sardinia? In this blog post, you’ll uncover with me the top 5 reasons for visiting this second-largest Italian Island on the Mediterranean Sea along with top things to see and do when you’re holidaying!


On this page, we will share some unknown destinations that must be visited at least once in a lifetime to explore the real beauty of nature, water, and marine life. If you plan to be in Italy during summer, let us see, Why Sardinia should be on your next vacation list?


  1. Beaches  

Sardinia is over 1800km of clean coastline that will leave visitors breathless. If you want to sit on the warm sand and let your skin exfoliate, or swim in the azure sea, Sardinia is one place where you should be. La Pelosa Beach located in the north is one of the most popular beaches in Sardinia.

Tinnari is just a few kilometers away from Isola Rossa. It is an amazing two half-moon bay, rock beach can be accessed via foot, boat or quad. It is one of the secret beaches of Sardinia. Want to find where is it: Rent a boat in Sardinia.

Two main beaches in Isola Rossa are Spiaggetta Del Porto and Spiaggia Longo. The fresh clean water at these beaches attracts scuba divers, snorkelers, and swimmers. There are family-friendly restaurants and villas, and a tower built in the 1500′s.

  1. Food & Wine

You might have heard that Italian food is the best in the world. But Sardinia food does not compete. Its national dish-suckling pig when served after cooking it right, turns many vegetarians into a meat-eater. When cooked slowly by the campfire or oven spit, with myrtle to incense the meat, this dish becomes the best to try in Sardinia.

Local cheeses are sweet, the best one being local pecorino and ricotta – they are simply out of this world. Europe’s largest vineyard, Sella & Mosca in Alghero has the best of Sardinian wine. Cannonau is a deep, ruby-red wine that is similar to the Sardinian reds.

  1. Fauna and Flora 

When traveling through Sardinia, you will see plenty of goats and sheep on the way. When you reach Ogliastra, the center-east of the island, don’t forget to visit Arbatax Park. Take your children to this park and let them adore the farms and multiple animals at this park.

  1. Weather

Most of the time, Sardinia’s weather is windy. When Maestrale wind enters this island, its climate becomes the best to enjoy.

You will not see terrible Italian heat that engulfs this European country every year during summer, that’s the reason why Sardinia is the perfect place amongst Italians as well.

  1. Sports

Sardinia is your ultimate sports destination in the Mediterranean. You will find everything from windsurfing to horseback riding here. You can play or watch your favorite sport. Other sports at this island include Rock climbing, yachting, surfing, hiking, swimming, fishing, golf for the master, to channelize the athlete within you.


Sardinia is amongst the largest Italian islands. Most of the time, people talk about Sicily so we decided to introduce our readers to Sardinia, your one-stop destination for this holiday season.