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Google Pay Per Click – How to Make It Really Work for Your Online Business

Talk about revolutionary, how to delete google pay transaction Per click has changed the way that most small, medium and large sized businesses do their online marketing and advertising. This is with out doubt the biggest development the internet has seen in many years. Whether you are aware of what Google Pay Per click is or not then you should read on.

Over the last few months I have spoken with many small business owners that are actively incorporating Google PPC into their marketing and advertising strategy, and yet 90% of them are having no real success and are losing out on a fortune.

Just to make things very transparent…never has there been a single marketing strategy that has so dramatically improved the performance and success within such a short space of time.

Getting to truly understand the advanced fundamentals of Google Pay Per click would require writing a VERY lengthy article, so for the moment I shall bring you up to date and cover the basics so that you know the essentials.

Very basically, Google Pay Per click means that you can pay to have your advertisement displayed at the top of Google’s search results. That’s it, simple. So for example if you sell Gardening Tools, within 1 hour you can have your advert displayed at the top of the results whenever someone searches for ‘Gardening Tools’. And the greatest news is that you actually only pay when some one clicks on your advert, hence ‘pay per click’ or ‘pay when someone clicks’.

The cost of each ‘click’ is dependent upon how many other people are also paying to be listed using the same keywords i.e. Gardening Tools. So the more people that want to use the same keyword, the more the cost of each click increases – the more competition there is, the higher the price is. What’s great though is that you can set a daily budget so you remain in control of the expenditure.

What’s very important to understand is that what Google has done by creating Google Pay Per Click advertising is created the most effective Direct Marketing tool possible. There is no other instance where it is so easy and fast to reach qualified potential customers. Everyone that clicks through to your site via Google Pay Per Click has done so because they are interested in what you do or sell – there are very few ‘random’ visitors, otherwise known as ‘non-qualified’ traffic.

For example, Mr Smith wants to buy a new gardening tool, so he goes to Google and types in ‘gardening tools’. Now because you have told Google that if anyone types these exact keywords in to the search box you want your advert to come up, which it will do, the visitors are as highly qualified as possible. Mr Smith then clicks on your advert (which is where you get charged) and comes to your site KNOWING that he WANTS to buy a tool! That is the revelation here – Mr Smith is ready to buy a tool and your site is then presented to him, the chances of him buying the tool from you are incredibly high.

Google Pay Per click and Yahoo offer this service. It’s worth checking out both.
Setting up an account is free & you then credit your account (£10 minimum) and use your credit on a ‘pay as you go’ system, topping up your account when needed.

The best things is that within an hour, your advert will be live and supplying you with a stream of highly qualified traffic.

So here’s what you do with Google Pay Per Click – firstly create an advert. Your headline and copy needs to be catchy, when deciding this it’s best to put yourself in the shoes of your target consumer and think about what would attract them to click on your ad. You then decide on which keywords you want to bid on, so for example ‘gardening tools’ and ‘tools for gardening’ – this means that every time someone types these words into Google your advert will appear at the top of the search results.

You then need to decide on how much money we are willing to pay per click? How much your willing to pay will also affect the ranking position of your ad, the more you pay, the higher your ad position i.e. 1 is at the top, 2 is second in position etc. The cost per click will primarily be determined for you by the amount of competition there is for that particular keyword, so for example ‘home cooking course in London’ will have less competition and less cost than ‘internet marketing’.

But here’s a common misperception, most people get very concerned by the cost of the click – BUT the truth is, the cost is not important, it’s the business generated by each visitor that is important. If each PPC visitor to your site spends £150 on products, does it matter that it cost you £5 for them to find you? It’s easy to understand that most business owners want to spend as little as possible and gain the most amount of profit as possible – but with Google Pay Per Click its simply untrue. The more you spend, the more you make. The less you spend, the less you make.

So I shall let you into a secret, in fact 2 secrets that will make a substantial difference to the profitability of your Google Pay Per click campaign.

1. Advert positioning – Firstly, the adverts at the top of the page get considerably more clicks than the ads down the right hand side column. Also if your ads are displayed on page 2 or 3, these will get even less clicks. So we obviously want our ad to be as high as possible, BUT paying more per click is not the only way to determine your position. The amount of people that click on your ad constitutes the other 50% of how you are ranked, this is know as Click Through Rate (CTR). So essentially, the ads that have a higher CTR get positioned higher which in turns allows more people to click on it because it’s constantly at the top so we end up in a cycle of success. And what is it that will determine the number of people that click your ad? The quality of your ad. So very simply put, the better written your ad is, the more people that will click on it AND the less you’ll be paying.

Lets say that I am willing to pay £1 per click and you are willing to pay £.50 per click – but because your advert is better written than mine, three times more people will click on it meaning that it will be positioned higher than mine and for half the cost. So people that are really good at marketing and writing ad copy do very well with Google Pay Per Click.

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